Style of Sound Vol. 3 introduced by go nogo’s „not to be missed

the style of sound vol. 3 is a collection of songs which was compiled to help you understand the lives of those two cheeky girls called emerald & doreen, the inspiration behind the label of the same name.

style of sound editor john noi recently travelled to berlin to spend an evening out with the girls with two tasks in mind. first, he wanted to find out what a typical day of theirs looks like. and second, he wanted find out what songs made up the soundtrack of their lives. the results of this excursion were documented in a 77-minute mix that transports listeners to 18 emerald & doreen moments, moments which defined this special evening and ultimately helped explain the meaning of happiness.

the trip is kicking of with go nogo’s „not to be missed“ from the 2017 release „main course“ (EDR 666)

Debut-LP to be released on 26th of May

still favoring the longplay-format as the ideal medium of storytelling, go nogo’s mastermind markus ‚fred‘ scholl was planning to publish a whole album for a long time. a record collector from the tender age of 10, he has amassed a large number of discs from various styles. they have eventually found their way into go nogo’s repertoire, which is more varied than ever on „main course“ (Emerald & Doreen Records 666). every single track of the eight has a different rhytmic or melodic approach, all held together by eric’s signature guitar tones, markus‘ sombre tenor and manfred’s analogue snth-styled production. what is also a key-element to so many of those tunes is the psychedelic undertones, interludes and outros.the music is not only available on all digital platform, but for the first time pressed on purple opaque vinyl, presented in a tasty 12″ gatefold artwork. what else can you expect from a devoted record collector!? you can pre-order your copy via bandcamp.

go nogo’s unreleased track „Paint“ for Emerald & Doreen 200

when markus ‚fred‘ scholl helped emerald & doreen records in its infant years to make steps, then by supplying his first compositions to be published for the label, either in the guise of the robot scientists or go nogo. the „movement“ or „good morning“ e.p. surely helped the label to gain momentum also by the fact of having popular djs and producers remixing the original, such as skåtebard, rayko or marius våreid. it nevertheless paid off for both the parties, since emerald & doreen had a nice run and furthermore got support from kitsuné maison-compiler jerry bouthier who crafted some nice mix-compilations, „voyage sauvage 1 & 2“. 5 years later, the busy-bees behind the label, markus schneider, eric schemer and stefan maurer, have more than 200 catalogue numbers under their belt and the insane release schedule does not seem to change pace. for this anniversary-occasion, jerry bouthier once again delivers a tasty showreel of recent catalogue-highlights, incorporating a go nogo exclusive that had not been released prior to that compilation. „paint“ had been produced alongside the first batch of early compositions, back in 2011 and only been on display via the go nogo-Soundcloud page. it sounds totally in line with the material which combined the „nu disco“ and „new wave“

Jerry Bouthier features „No Reply“ on „Voyage Sauvage Vol. 2“


jerry bouthier – dj-darling of fashion design icon vivienne westwood, compiler for the über-hipster label kitsuné, and label owner of continental records has picked go nogo’s latest single no reply for emerald & doreen’s second edition of its compilation series voyage sauvage. just like its predecessor, the wild mix features bouthier’s personal highlights out of the vast e&d-catalogue, marrying nudisco, indietronic and different shades of ear-pleasing electronica. with its soft-bounce and subdued charme, the compilation has been championed by highly acclaimed trend-spotter john noieditor of style of soundthe compilation features tracks by david garcet & mjanecopycathaiokago sattacannibal inkyoshiyuki otadim zachdisco chillioklangschwesterboris carlofflazy kisshead pocket and many more…. 

this very fine selection can be bought very any major digital platform like itunesbeatport or amazon.

New go nogo – Single „no reply/cruel“ released via Bandcamp

after one year of writing material for a potential album, markus ‚fred‘ scholl has teamed up with a new member to accomplish go nogo: alongside of mainstay eric schemer on guitar, former techno- and tech-house-producer manfred führling stepped in the arena to enhance the new material with profound studio skills and a battery of analogue synths. Together, they have just released the new single no reply // cruel via band camp

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